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Green Academy provides U.S. high school students with environmental conservation subject knowledge and community-based experience to showcase their achievement and work for green solutions to pressing societal challenges.


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Top Environmental Educators

Outstanding Green Academy Environmental Educators align learning with the North American Association for Environmental Education Guidelines for Excellence K-12 Environmental Education.

Ranger Vicki Kayak

Science Educator, 2003-Present, Experienced Park Ranger, and Eco-Tour Kayak Guide, B. S. Environmental Studies, University of West Florida

Jennifer Rene

Curriculum Development Specialist for Green Academy. Avid Traveler to destinations, which include East Africa, Europe, and South America. M.S. Masters of Sustainable Development 2022. Regis University. M.S. Database Technology and Software Engineering

Tori Sindorf

Experienced Education Manager and Course Instructor. M.S. Marine Biology, University of Hawaii. B.S. Ecology, Seattle Pacific University

Cheryl Calaustro

Wildlife Conservation Biologist and Environmental Educator with work experience in Micronesia, the broader Pacific, Central America, the Caribbean and the US mainland. M.S. McDaniel College. Columbia University Graduate Certificate.

Heather Aydelott

Chair of Natural Science, Nutrition, Chemistry, Geography, and Earth and Planetary Sciences, Central New Mexico Community College. M.A. Environmental Education, UNM

Cassandra Bonnett

STEAM Curriculum Development Lead. Environmental Educator. M.S. Environmental Education, Florida Institute of Technology, B.S. Botany, University of Maine

by Darren Wang


Deforestation is an issue that has plagued the earth for centuries, ever since humans began to venture into nature and claim its land as their own. It is imperative that we understand how deforestation happens, its effects, and how to resolve this environmental issue.

By Darren Wang

Environmental Issues

Environmental issues not only concern the health of our planet, but the inhabitants of it too.

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